Maiko and Geiko street, Miyagawasuji Dori

Miyagawasuji district will immerse you into a traditional Japanese atmosphere where you can encounter Maiko and Geiko on their way to Ochaya (tea houses).
Ayame-an was designed by the architect Mr. Uoya.

When you open the front door, you will see a fully furnished, spacious and modern entryway.
The ground floor has a luxurious modern Japanese feeling. The kitchen has the newest equipment and has dishes and cutlery.
The bathroom and the veranda offer a superb view on the Japanese garden which can be lighted up at night. This natural atmosphere will provide you a moment of relaxation.
Appreciate a long and agreeable bath in a Japanese traditional bathtub made of metal, called "GOEMON-BURO" in Japanese.
Every detail of Ayame-an were thought to make you fully experience Japan.

  • Lounge
  • Living room
  • Veranda
  • Japanese-style garden
  • Kitchen
  • Separate toilet
  • Amenities
  • Bathroom
  • Twin bedroom
  • Two single beds
  • Japanese-style room
  • Japanese-style room
  • Japanese-style room
  • Hanging scroll
  • Welcome to Ayame-an
  • Entrance


Japanese Feeling
  • Ayame color potteries
  • Blue potteries
  • Japanese tea set

Ayame-an's dishes were made by Araki pottery.
Ayame-an's name come from the blue flag iris flower, called "ayame" in Japanese. The stunning colors of this flower were chosen to decorate the dishes of the house.
These potteries are so thin that putting under light, they will become see-through! This transparency is a guarantee of quality.
To please your senses we ordered various dishes with different shapes, sizes and colors.
Those dishes make your food looks more delicious.

Furniture in Ayame-an

The furniture such as beds, desk and chairs are made of solid walnut. We put a "Sealy mattress", used by many renowned hotels, to provide you a high-quality sleep.

Table in the living room

The table in the Japanese room on the ground floor was designed by Mr. Uoya. The floor chairs are antique Windsor chairs.

Hanging scroll in the Japanese-style room

6 gourds are painted on the hanging scroll. In Japan the gourd is a symbol of auspicious especially when there are 6 of them.

Other services
To enjoy a high and clean sound when watching TV and listening to music, a BOSE speaker is at your disposal. Your devices can be connected to the Bose speaker through Bluetooth.
The clouds, printed on the Japanese craft paper (Karakami/Washi), symbolize fortune in Japan.KIRA KARACHO(in Japanese)
Our Hospitality




Luxurious stay for 2, economical stay for groups and families.
The stunning blend of traditional feeling and modern convenience will make your stay cozy and pleasant.

*The new accommodation tax, implemented by Kyoto city, is included in your accommodation fee. The price changes according to the season and the date (national holidays, weekend, festival periods...).
  • Reservation


Bus and Train
Keihan Line: Kiyomizu Gojo Station, exit No.5, 1-minute walk
Kawaramachi Gojo Station: 5-minute walk
Subway Karasuma line: Gojo Station exit No.1,
14-minute walk or 5 minutes by bus (230JPY)
From Nagoya
Meishin highway Kyoto-Higashi IC to west 7.3km
From Osaka
Meishin highway Kyoto-Minami IC to north 6.6km
Approximately 10 minutes (About 850JPY - 900JPY)
Address ZIP CODE 605-0801 414-1 Miyagawasuji 8-chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
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  • Surroundings
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Things to Do

Situated right close to the Kiyomizu Gojo Station you will easily access to Kyoto’s main sightseeing spots.

Things to do in the surroundings:

Bicycle Rental
Gojo Rental Cycle
800JPY per day or 500JPY half day
9:00 - 18:00
  • Day plan:morning
  • Day plan:afternoon
  • Day plan:evening


ADDRESS ZIP CODE 605-0801 414-1 Miyagawasuji 8-Chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
CAPACITY Up to 5 guests
ACCESS FROM KYOTO STATION 1). Subway Karasuma Line: Get off at Gojo Station, take the exit No.1 and walk for 12 minutes or take the bus (5 minutes, 230JPY)

2). Taxi: takes approximately 10 minutes (about 850JPY - 900JPY)
THE NEAREST STATION Keihan Line: Kiyomizu Gojo Station, 2-minute walk
THE NEAREST BUS STOP Kyoto city bus Keihangojomae Bus Stop, 2-minute walk
PARKING LOT No Parking lot
CHECK-IN From 16:00
CHECK-OUT By 10:00
ACCOMMODATION TYPE Traditional machiya townhouse
BATHROOM Japanese-style bathroom with a bathtub
MEAL Not provided
PAYMENT METHOD PayPal, Square or Alipay
FACILITIES TV, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, safe box, hair dryer, washing machine
Fridge, microwave, kettle, cookware, tableware
Bath towel Towel
Yukata bathrobe Toothbrush
Shampoo Conditioner
Body soap Hand soap
Razor Comb
Cotton Cotton swab
Hair dryer Free Wi-Fi
SUPERMARKET AND CONVENIENCE STORE Lawson Store 100 Keihangojoekimae (open 24/7), 1-minute walk
Supermarket Fresco (open 24/7), 10-minute walk
175 Ebisuya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, twelve minutes'walk
Open 6:00~23:00, every day
OTHERS [Cafe] Cafe OPAL, 9-minute walk
[Cafe] Rojiusagi, 6-minute walk
[Yakisoba] Oyaji, 5-minute walk
[Wagashi/Japanese cake] Meigetsudo, 3-minute walk
[Wagashi/Japanese cake] Shojudo, 5-minute walk
[Wagashi/Japanese cake] Sokyu, 5-minute walk
[Wagashi/Japanese cake] Yuurei Kosodateame Honpo, 7-minute walk
[Wagashi/Japanese cake] Kototama, 10-minute walk
[Cake] Friand, 4-minute walk
[Kaiseki/Japanese restaurant] Tsurusei, 4-minute walk
[Kaiseki/Japanese restaurant] Gion Sasaki, 9-minute walk
[Hot pot] Shushu, 9-minute walk
[Sukiyaki] Suigentei, 6-minute walk
[Oden] Takocho, 8-minute walk
[BBQ] Aje, 9-minute walk
[Sushi] AWOMB Nishikiyamachi branch, 6-minute walk (Reservation required)