OPEN 10.03.2017

K-style was well renovated by Kyoto local workmen in 2017 based on original floor plan, located in Rakuhoku area that called Kuramaguchi and Murasakino areas.
It has been built long time ago and when people lived in this house, it was a fabric factory and run a textile business, so you will see a spool winder machine in the wooden terrace area that actually used to be used here for winding thread.
It is renovated based on original floor plan as much as the workmen can to make guests feel old Kyoto atmosphere but well renovated the newest system in the bathroom to make guests stay in comfortable
K-style is located in the areas of Kuramaguchi and Murasakino, they are getting popular within young Japanese people, there are both humble and famous restaurants and shops in these areas. You will find something special here!
If you stay for 2, it would be very luxury, if you stay with your family or friends, that will be like you are at home and will be so much fun with great deal.

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K-STYLE Neighborhood

To know the area

There are many places nearby, for example, Kinkakuji temple, Hirano shrine, Daitokuji temple, etc. and also many wonderful places that are rarely found in guide books.
You will find something your special in this area!

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Reservation, Access, Check-in and Check-out, etc...

We will make your check in and check out smoothly and definitely help you to make your trip fantastic.
Feel free to ask us anytime about making reservation, asking recommendation, whatever you need.

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Staying at K-style will be your unforgettable experience

We have many plans, 1day-stay plan, two or more nights stay plan, etc...