K-style is a townhouse that you can rent out the entire house during your-stay so it is totally deferent from normal hotels. We ask all our guests to make payment within 7 working days from reservation, after payment has been confirmed we will email guests about further information.
Please choose the ways how to pay from bank transfer or Paypal. If you choose Paypal, we will send you an invoice through Paypal and kindly confirme within 7 working days. If you choose bank transfer, kindly own the transaction fees.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience and deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperations.

Payment: Paypal, Square or Alipay
You will receive an e-mail of the payment information after the internet reservation.
We don’t accept the local settlement.
Please pay in advance by online payment.
Cancellation Policy
Please see the web page of "Reservation and Payment"

Check-in and check-out

Please come to K-style directly on the day and just press your PIN number(4 numbers) to open the entrance door.
We will email you further information with location maps after we confirmed payment.
After check-in, you can stay as your home!

If there are nothing problems when you check out, you do not need inform us, please just close the entrance door and leave the house.
After 10am, a housekeeper will come to clean the house for the next guest.


HOUSE rules

K-style has been here for long time as residential house.
When it became an accommodation, we ask our neighbors understanding and cooperation.
Please respect their life and will make your trip more fantastic as you are a part of this area.

1.K-style is mede of wood, strictly prohibited smoking and using any inflammable tools(candle, match, lighter) in the house and in the garden.
2.Making noise in mid-night and in early morning especially 10pm - 7am.
3.Prohibited having a party, playing music and anything making big noise.

If our nighbors comlain guest manner, we will notic guest and if we can not see any improvement guest's vihaviour, we will ask all the guests in the house to leave immediately and you can not refund any accommodation fee.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

K-style Hospitality

1.Please call or email us anytime whenever you have any questions and requests.
2.If you need any reservation, arrange a rental bicycle, etc...before your stay and during your stay, feel free to ask us.
3.If you want to know about Kyoto, around K-style, anything, feel free to ask us.

K-style Information

ADDRESS: 46-11 Murasakino Kamikashiwano-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto
CHECK-IN: 16:00
CHECK-OUT: 10:00

We have no parking lot, please park at a public parking lot nearby.

From Kyoto station...Taking bus No.206(clockwise route) to Senbon-Kuramaguchi bus stop.
(about 35min 230JPY)
From Senbon Kuramaguchi station to K-style...5 min by walking

Contact us

Kyo no Katadomari
10-1 Higashi Kujo Nishi Sanno-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
TEL: +81-75-632-9711 (9:00〜18:00)


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K-style Neighbors

Kinkakuji temple 10 min
Hirano shrine 10 min
Imamiya Jingu shrine 20 min
Daitokuji temple 20 min
Funaoka Onsen (Pabric bath) 10 min
Kodo Shokudo (Restaurant/bar) 10 min
Sarasa Nishijin (cafe) 10 min
Kadoya (bar) 10 min

Arashiyama(From Senbon-Kuramaguchi bus stop)...Taking bus No.206(counterclockwise route) to Senbon-Marutamachi station then change bus No.93 to Arashiyama.
Kiyomizu temple(From Senbon-Kuramaguchi bus stop)...Taking bus No.206(clockwise route) to Kiyomizu-Michi.
Shijo-Karasuma, Shijo-Kawaramachi, Gion downtown area(From Senbon-Kuramaguchi bus stop)...Taking bus No.46 to your destination.


maximum occupancy is 7 guests

2 GUESTS 11,000 JPY / per night
3 GUESTS 7,340 JPY / per night
4 GUESTS 5,500 JPY / per night
5 GUESTS 4,400 JPY / per night
6 GUESTS 4,000 JPY / per night
7 GUESTS 3,720 JPY / per night
*The rate is changing depends on holiday, national holiday, high season, etc...
Please ask us details.

From the nearest bus stop, Senbon Kuramaguchi to K-style

Go on Kuramaguchi Dori street to west and turn left on Onmae Dori
(about 5 min walking distance)

K-style floor plan



Fridges, Microwave, Toaster, Kettle, Dishes
Cooking utensils, Washing machine, Hair dryer
Desktop PC, Printer, Free WiFi


Bath towel, Facial towel, Toothbrash, Razor, Body wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Coffe, tea