K-style = Kyoto Style

K-style is well renovated by local workmans and opened in March 2017. This is spacious enough to stay over 7 people(recommendation up to 7 guests), there are 2 Japanese rooms, fully furnished kitchen, full bathroom, wooden terrace, Japanese garden on the ground floor, 2 Japanese room and half bathroom on the second floor.

Easy to get to K-style from Kyoto station that no transfer from Kyoto station and the nearest bus stop is 5 min from K-style. Kinkakuji temple is nearby, also restaurants, supermarket, etc...very convenience, safe and quiet area, good location!

K-style is used to be a textile factory and you will see the spool machine in the house that used be used here to weave Kimono. You can see the pieces of Kimono on the wall at the wooden terrace that made here when K-style was run as a textile factory.

In the kitchen, there are fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster, cooking utensils, dishes, caps, etc...that you can cook with Kyoto food and enjoy local food. One of the points of K-style is Japanese garden. Beautifully renovated like Kyoto style garden that can be lit up at night make guests relax and luxury. There are 2 Japanese rooms on the second floor, it is big enough to put 5 futon beds. If you put Fusuma(Japanese papered sliding door), you can keep privacy if you stay with friends. There is a new bathroom and 2 toilet(1 for each floor). If you stay with many people, you don't feel inconvenience.

We are very happy that if you feel how people used to live in the Kyoto machiya townhouse and think about their life here, that will be unforgettable experience in your trip.