Yuurin Shiratake-an Kyoto Machiya Townhouse



Shiratake/Kyoto_Traditional Bamboo Crafts

Shiratake-an is a Machiya Townnhouse located right close to Shijo Kawaramachi.
The house is well renovated and designed in 2016.

Shiratake means white bamboo that one of traditonal Kyoto crafts
that workman made in Kyoto.

Bamboo forests are famous in Kyoto and you will see many Shiratake crafts in the house,
you may feel that you are just in the bamboo forest.
It's made you feeling refreshing and relaxing.




Shiratake Bamboo crafts on the wall and banboo are welcoming your arrival.
Bamboo benchi is made the techniques of 'Yataraami'(やたら編み) method by a workman.
It's made of only bamboo and very solid that you can sit down.

Daisuke Seno Calligraphy

Daisuke Seno who is from Kyoto, calligrapher wrote with Japanese ink Sumi(墨) on the black handmade Japanese paper.


floor plan

Maximum Ocupancy is 6 persons

It would be very luxury if you stay for 2 persons, enjoyable staying friends and family.
Shiratake-an has 2 toilets, one for each floor.
You can enjoy Tsuboniwa(Japanese garden) and it can be lit up at night.

Guest Price (Per Night)
2 Persons 28,000 JPY ~
3 Persons 31,000 JPY ~
4 Persons 34,000 JPY ~
5 Persons 37,000 JPY ~
6 Persons 40,000 JPY ~
This price is changing depends on season, day, Japanese national holiday.


800m / 10min from subway Karasuma line [Gojo] station
650m / 8min from Keihan line [Kiyomizu Gojo] station
350m / 4min from [Kawaramachi Gojo] bus stop *Bus no.4, 17, 205
800m / 10min from [Karasuma Gojo] bus stop *Bus no.101, 26, 5
From Kyoto staiton
800m / Subway Gojo station
Taxi cab
10min / about 1500JPY
Address 444-2 Motokami Shinmei-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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Things to do

Convenience, traditional and new town

Shiratake-an located very convenient area in Kyoto that you can go anywhere by any transportations, there are many restaurants and shops nearby.

Rental Cycle
【2】Gojo Cycle
800JPY/1day 500JPY/Half day

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Address 444-2 Motokamishinmei-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Occupancy 6 persons
Kyoto station 1.800m / 10min from subway Gojo station
2.350m / 4min from [Kawaramachi Gojo] bus stop (4 / 17 / 205)
3.800m / 10min from [Karasuma Gojo] bus stop (101 / 26 / 5)
Train Station 10min / Subway Gojo station
8min / Keihan [Kiyomizu Gojo] station
Bus stop 4min / Kawaramachi Gojo bus stop
Parking No Parking
Check in 16:00~
Check out ~10:00
Room Traditonal Machiya Townhouse
Bath room Japanese style bathroom
Meal Non
Payment Bank Transfer
Facilities Fridge, TV, Air conditioner, Safe, Microwave, Kettle, Hairdryer, WiFi,
Cutlery, Dishes, Toaster
Bath Towel Face Towel
Yukata Toothbrush
Shampoo Conditioner
Body soap Hand soap
Razor Shower caps ×
Comb Cotton Swab
Hair Dryer Cotton
Free WiFi Washing Machine
Convenience store and supermarket 350m/4min Family-Mart
400m/5min Fresco
Laundromat Laundromat Machikado
175 Ebisuya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Open 6:00~23:00
Other Cafe efish (6min)
Cafe cafe marble(7min)
Cafe KANO(6min)
Cafe and gallery Ueda bilding (6min)
Cafe and gallery kitone(6min)
Gallery and cafe D&Department by Kyoto Art Univercity(5min)
Deli Gohan Biyori(4min)
Deli Nishitomiya Croquette(4min)
Baked Yam Hayashi-Shoten(3min)
Japanese Cake Kofuku-Do (4min)
Cake LOTUS(7min)
Bakery Panraku(4min)
Bakery Boulangerie MASH Kyoto(7min)
Restaurant Bistro Nozomi(10min)
Restaurant Italian UNO(6min)
Restaurant Restaurant Misato(2min)
Temple Inaba-Do(7min)