About "Kyo no katadomari"

Rent a historical Kyo machiya vacation house.
Experience a special trip that lets you feel the Kyoto lifestyle.

Kyoto has a history of over a thousand years as Japan’s capital. The serene view of the thin stone pavements lined with row houses touches the hearts of travelers.
In recent years, many of the machiya townhouses have been torn down for lack of a resident. These buildings that are full of the ingenuity of our ancestors deserve to be passed down to future generations. Kyo no Katadomari was created from this sentiment as an accommodation facility that rents out single Kyo machiya vacation houses exclusively for you. Each vacation house has been remodeled using its original features to create unique accommodations.
Enjoy the warmth of aged wood, a functional layout, and the casual aesthetic sense visible in the courtyard and alcove. How about experiencing the Kyoto lifestyle not from the streets, but from inside a house?

About Kyo no katadomari


Hotels Map

Karasuma Higashiyama Area

Tikukan Tsuyukusa-an Kypyado Ichimatsu-an Meirin Kogane-an Shinmichi Ayame-an Rokuhara Sokoku-an Tsukitei Kiyomizu Birodo-an Zoom in Zoom out

Kitaoji Area

マップ Kyoyado Murasakino-an K-style

Fushimi Area

マップ Kyoyado Shippo-an

Reservation and Payment

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    About reservation

    Make a reservation on the reservation website for each facility. For same-day reservations, please inquire by phone. Kyo no Katadomari (Comfort Ltd.) Phone: +81-75-632-9711 (Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

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    About payment method

    Customers making a reservation must pay in advance. Your reservation will be confirmed with payment. After requesting a reservation, you will receive an email confirming the details concerning payment.
    Check the details, and then transfer the accommodation fee to the specified bank account. After your payment has been confirmed, you will receive another email with details about checking in, a map, and other information. (Bank transfer fees are borne by the customer. Your understanding is appreciated.)

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    About Check-in & Check-out

    Check in is from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Kyoto Station counter. Please call for a later check in or if you have any special requests concerning check in time. When checking out, close the door and make sure that the auto-lock mechanism has been activated before leaving. Please be careful not to leave anything behind.

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    About cancellation

    If you need to cancel, your accommodation fee will be refunded to you minus a cancellation fee calculated according to the cancellation rules and the bank transfer fee.
    Cancellation policy
    Please check Airbnb or Jalan
    If you used Airbnb to book the inn, please check the cancellation of Airbnb.
    If you used Jalan to book the inn, please check the cancellation of Jalan.
    *If you paid by credit card, the accommodation fee will be refunded via your credit card company.
    For information about the date of refund from the credit card company, please contact the credit card company that you used.